Fran and Todd were able to come to two of Levi's football games. It was great to have more people to cheer for our team. They have won all four game so they are undefeated to date and most likely heading to the finals!!!

What a catch Levi, your the man!!! This catch was for a touchdown!

Another great action shot!!

The team "Elders and Heathens"

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allegra said...

levi, nice catch!!! sports are so great to take your mind off of school for a bit, huh? I swear Dan's always taking a break from school to play either soccer or football, and tonight he informed me he's going to get together with some of his freinds after they are done studying to play DODGE BALL?! What? do people really play that anymore? Anyway, miss ya cous!

allegra said...

i know how to spell friends, really. typing too fast:)