Green Bluff

There is this great little town just North of us called Green Bluff. They are a farming community. There are so many farms I can't count them, but they all have fun things to do for every season. We went and checked it out with some friends just last weekend, and had a great time! We were able to pick out own pumpkins in this huge pumpkin patch, you can pick your own apples, shop at the cute little craft stores, eat lunch at the little shops and much more. We really had a great time and can't wait to go back for Christmas!!

Our little pumpkin!

Abby couldn't get enough of the pumpkins!!

A few more cute pics of the trip.

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tckbnorth said...

We just went there last weekend and absolutely loved it. It was the coolest little place. I didn't know that they had a christmas one too.

tckbnorth said...

I know I know. I am so lame for leaving like a hundred comments on your blog. But I just wanted to say that your girls and my girls are totally gonna be dressed the same. Thanks to the children's place. We have alot of the same clothes.

uncle steve said...

this is your uncle you never get to see but seeing your family sure made me feel good you have a great family miss you all love uncle steve