Halloween Party

Here is a picture of each of the couples and families that came to our little party. What good sports!! From left to right: Peterson's (nerds, princess and chicken), Mackey's ( each other mom is baby, baby is dad, dad is mom), Jaussi's (rocky and opponent), Lemon's (disco skaters, and fairy), North's (beggars), Dixon's( home made superhero's), North's(Kipp and black cat), Arnold's(Greek goddess and sumo wrestler), Glazier's (white trash), Shay's crew (Anchor Man San Diego News Team), Dobb's (Mexicans), Adams (80's Butt Rockers). We had a great time bobbing for apples, donut eating contest, fishing pond for the kids and just visiting.
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tckbnorth said...

Loved the party!!!! It was so much fun!!!!

mattandangie said...

Becca and Levi you guys rock!!!! I love the costumes... to bad we couldn't have partied together on Halloween.

Matt, Angie and Sadie