Temple Day

Austen, Levi's little brother went through the temple last week. It was such a great experience to be there with him and to support him in this decision to serve a mission! He leaves in less than a month to Cambodia! We are so excited and proud of him for making the decision to serve. He will be an amazing missionary!


We have been having so much fun watching the Olymics this year that we decided to get in on The Games...hope you enjoy!!!

The Olympic Games

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So just a warning about the million posts that follow!! As you will see from each post we have been gone for the last I think 5 weekends on some sort of vacation. That is why I haven't had time to update this thing!! So now you get them all at once... Sorry!! I know its a lot.
We are heading back to Spokane on Monday so hopefully things will settle down and I will be able to get back on a normal schedule...probably not, but we will see.

Camping Trip!

Well if you think we haven't been on enough vacations here is one more!! We headed up AF canyon this weekend with Mom and dad, Nate and Jenny and Matt and Angie to have a little R&R. Well we definitely didn't get any R&R but we did have a lot of fun!! Friday night the rest of the fam came up for dinner. It was fun to play games and listen to dads stories around the camp fire. Grannie had a lot of fun projects for the kids...a magic candy tree, planting donut seeds and waiting for the donuts to grow!! We went fishing all day Saturday which turned out to be a success!! All the kids caught at least one if not more!! Audrey loved the fish and wanted to keep holding it (you can see her in the pics giving it a hug). We cooked them up and enjoyed the taste of fresh trout! Here are some cute pictures from the weekend!
Be sure to click on it so you can see them a little bigger!

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We brought the girls home a yummy sucker and a superman cape for Abby from California. They were in heaven to say the least!! It is funny how a little sugar and a $5 cape will make your kids happy for a week! All I can say is it was money well spent!! Abby looks a little funny because she is trying to
fly by jumping up and down.

Need I say More!!

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We took a little trip to Cali with our good friends Pio and Ashley. Ashley works for Jet Blue so we got a great deal!! We went to six flags and had a lot of fun! We definitely got our fill of thrills! We rode X2 which is the newest coaster and it was unbelievably awesome!! Then we enjoyed a day at the beach soaking in the sun and playing in the waves! This is my kind of vacation!! Thanks for the great time Pio and Ash!!
(the turkey leg picture is for you Kyle and Jamie!)
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Bear Lake

We had our annual Marchbanks family reunion at Bear Lake this year. My sister Amy and her husband Brett have a cute Cottage that we stayed at. We are so grateful to them for letting us stay and enjoy their darling cottage. We had so much fun just hanging out on the beach, boating, playing cards, watching movies and the highlight of the trip the Pickleville Playhouse Play!! If you ever go to Bear Lake go see a play at the Pickleville Playhouse. We haven't laughed that hard in a long time. We enjoyed every minute of the vacation and can't wait to go again!!

Dad, Amy and Mom
Audrey digging in the sand
Audrey floating in the boat
Us at the play with the villain...Juanito Bandito!
Abby ready to go boating
The fam

Me and my cute sisters minus two
Me, Heather, Jen and Amy
Lizzy and Angie were on the boat.

Park City

We spent the weekend at the Marriott in Park City with Fran and Todd and the Eyres. We had such a fun time with them. We rode the Alpine slide, Alpine coaster, and a bunch of little kiddie rides. We also had a great time swimming and relaxing in the hot tubs (I think there were like 7 of them) not to mention playing our new favorite game Killer Bunnies. A big thanks to Steve and Pixie for introducing us to the game! We had great food and great company!! Thanks so much Grannie and Pa!!


We headed down to Vegas to see our friends Jen and Kyle and their cute boy Bridger. We had such a fun time. We went to the Pro Bass Store which was amazing! We also made it to a few of the kid friendly casinos (if you can call them that?) Circus Circus and New York New York. The kids loved it and we did too! Jen was such a great sport...9months prego and still trucking around the strip with all of us. We had some great card games and a fun time swimming. It was great to visit and catch up on everything.
Congrats on the new baby he is darling!!
Some cute pics from the trip...although there arn't any of us moms?

Kyle and Levi

Bridger and Abby the hunters!

Cute kids