Sleepy/Hungry Audrey

This is our little Audrey asleep yet still eating!! She was so tired that I was just going to put her to bed, but I thought I will try to feed her first and this is what we got. She was completely asleep, but when I would put the food to her mouth she would scarf it down. What a silly girl!

Happy Birthday Levi!!

Happy 27th Birthday Levi!! Levi's birthday was on Friday, we got Kara and Travis to watch the kids and I took Levi out. We ate at
PF Chang's our favorite (thanks mom) and went to see Dan in Real Life, it's the new movie with Steve Carell. It was so much fun!! We haven't been to a movie since before Audrey was born, so it was quite the date!! Then we celebrated at the Halloween party, and had cake. All the kids wanted to help blow out the candles, so cute, although Levi looks a little scary!

We love you Levi!! Thanks for taking such good care of us. You are the best husband and dad
ever, and you deserve the best!! Hope your day was special!
Happy Birthday!!
Love, Becca, Abby and Audrey


Halloween Package

Thank you Grannie Frannie and Pa Todd!!! Abby couldn't have been more excited! Just look at that face. As I pulled each thing out of the box all she could say was " Oh my Gosh!!" she said it about 20 times.
We loved all the cute cards and presents, But the jammies were my favorite!!

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Audrey on the GO!!

Audrey has learned to crawl and won't stop. I think she is going to be the youngest gymnast ever... look at that head stand!! She is only 6 1/2 months... I'm not ready for her to be mobile yet! Especially because we have base board heaters. If you don't know what they are feel lucky! Every where in Spokane has them. I guess it is cheaper to install them then a furnace, but it is way more expensive to heat your house. I am not a fan if you can't tell.
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daddy and his girls

These little girls are such daddy's girls, and their daddy loves them more than anything in the world!! Levi is the Best dad, when he gets home from school all he wants to do is play with his girls, and they eat it up!!

Baby Legs

These are more of the cute leg warmers that I made. They are called Baby Legs and you can buy them on line, but they are like $15 and we made ours for $1 a pair. They are so great for little babies that are crawling around all day long. Audrey's knees were beginning to get red and chapped from all the crawling, so that is why I decided to make them. Aren't they cute!!

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Ballerina Abby

My friend Ashley and I decided to be industrious and make leg warmers and tutu's for our girls. A day later this is what we had!! Needless to say the girls absolutely loved them!! Abby couldn't stop dancing and posing long enough for me to get a shirt on her...but I finally managed to get one on.

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Mommy Abby

OK this is the cutest thing ever!!! If you look closely at the pictures you will see that Abby has all her bears and babies lined up on the blanket. You will also see to the right that there are about 20 baby wipes and one of Audrey's diapers, and if you look at Abby you will see that she has her arms folded and eyes closed.
I walked in to check on her the other night and found all this and had to take some pictures. After she realized I was in there I asked her what she was up to? She sweetly replied "I changed all my babies diapers and now we are saying prayers so I can put them to bed". I couldn't believe it...she really is learning even though she talks and giggles and plays through all are family prayers. I am so grateful for our beautiful sweet Abby! What a precious little spirit.

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Fall leaves

Abby absolutely loves being outside!! So we took advantage of the sunny weather, even though it is like 55 degrees outside! We went to Manito Park and let all the kids play on the playground and feed the ducks. It is so fun to have so many friends with kids all the same age here in Spokane. We try to get together at least once a week and let the kids run wild and get all their energy out, while all the moms relax and chat. The fall leaves are so beautiful, and Abby loves playing in them, so I had to get her in action. What a cute girlie!!
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Audrey Lynn

Audrey loves to suck on her bottom lip, she also has a few crazy faces that she pulls. I will post them as soon as I can catch them on camera.

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Green Bluff

There is this great little town just North of us called Green Bluff. They are a farming community. There are so many farms I can't count them, but they all have fun things to do for every season. We went and checked it out with some friends just last weekend, and had a great time! We were able to pick out own pumpkins in this huge pumpkin patch, you can pick your own apples, shop at the cute little craft stores, eat lunch at the little shops and much more. We really had a great time and can't wait to go back for Christmas!!

Our little pumpkin!

Abby couldn't get enough of the pumpkins!!

A few more cute pics of the trip.

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Pumpkin Carving Time

Now that we had are pumpkins it was time to let the creative juices flow and get carving! We really thought Abby would love carving her pumpkin this year, but we were wrong again... maybe next year. Needless to say Levi and I had a great time, and Abby enjoyed the pictures and eating treats!! It is so much fun to have a little family to share all these fun traditions with!

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Halloween Party

Here is a picture of each of the couples and families that came to our little party. What good sports!! From left to right: Peterson's (nerds, princess and chicken), Mackey's ( each other mom is baby, baby is dad, dad is mom), Jaussi's (rocky and opponent), Lemon's (disco skaters, and fairy), North's (beggars), Dixon's( home made superhero's), North's(Kipp and black cat), Arnold's(Greek goddess and sumo wrestler), Glazier's (white trash), Shay's crew (Anchor Man San Diego News Team), Dobb's (Mexicans), Adams (80's Butt Rockers). We had a great time bobbing for apples, donut eating contest, fishing pond for the kids and just visiting.
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Halloween Party

Here is our beautiful Princess Bell!! Abby was so excited to dress up she couldn't wait. She has been wearing her dress around the house every day for the last week!!
Our little bitty Ballerina! Isn't she darling. I have to say that I am really proud of this costume because it was hand made by me! Well at least the tutu and the little leg warmers.

And here is the fam, Yes we are 80's butt rockers. Who knew that we could have such cute baby girls and be so scary looking ourselves!!

We won the best couple costume!! I know what your thinking we were in charge of the party so the vote was probably rigged, but I can assure you it wasn't. It was a really close vote between a bunch of different couples. You can take a look at the other costumes in the collage.

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Grannie Frannie and Brampa Todd

Fran and Todd came to visit us. We had such a great time with them!! We were able to show them all around Spokane and let them see the Law School. We went to Manito Park and fed the ducks and the seagulls ( this was so fun... we would throw the bread in the air and the seagulls would dive for it and catch it in mid air!). We went to a bunch a yummy restaurants, and of course our favorite Casa de Oro. They took Abby for a fun day at the Riverfront Park and the children's museum. She is still talking about how fun it was!! We had a picnic in the park...as you can see from the pics, and just played until we were all worn out!! Abby loved it because brampa Todd played hide and seek with her ( check out the last four pics on the collage). Grannie and Brampa thanks so much we had a great time!!!

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Fran and Todd were able to come to two of Levi's football games. It was great to have more people to cheer for our team. They have won all four game so they are undefeated to date and most likely heading to the finals!!!

What a catch Levi, your the man!!! This catch was for a touchdown!

Another great action shot!!

The team "Elders and Heathens"

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Football Fun

Flag football time! The guys got a team together to play and they had their first game today. They did great!! They were down by 6 points with only one minute left, and out of no where they got an interception by Levi and ended up getting a touch down and winning the game. All the guys did a great job, it was so fun to watch!!
left to right: ?,?,Shay, Bryce, Levi, Tyson, Nate, Nick, Taylor and Beau.

Audrey and I watching the game, it was freezing so we were cuddling to stay warm!!
Here are some action pictures of the game and some cute ones of the little girls being cheerleaders for their dads ( I think they were having more fun playing with the umbrella and eating candy though).

Snuggle Bugs

OK this is my favorite thing! Both my girls snuggling in bed with me in the morning. It can't get better than that. I love my girls so much!! ( thanks for the jammies mom!)