Christmas Eve

This year we got to spend Christmas Eve with Grannie Frannie and Pa Todd. The girls had a blast getting ready for Good Old Saint Nick to come. They hung their stockings with care and made sure they...and Santa had something yummy to eat! There is nothing better than the excitement of little kids on Christmas Eve!
Just look at those cute faces!

The stockings are hung

Cookies are ready

and yummy!
We also got to spend some time at Grannie and Grandpa Greats house!
They gave the girls the cutest little dolls! Which they love!!

Grannie and Grandpa Great!
We love you guys so much!!

Abby spending some much needed snuggle time with grandpa Great!! He is the best!

Christmas Cheer!...about a month late:)

We had such a wonderful trip to Utah! It was so great to get to see everyone and spend so much time with the family! Thanks to everyone for making our stay so great! and for all the great memories!
Cookie party at Grannie Terry's

Millie and Abby

Mason and Audrey

Audrey enjoying the cookies

Snow fun!!

Aud with dads gloves on

Our cute snowman

My Favorite things breakfast with my cute sisters and mom
I love you girls:)

Babs with her new tea set from Grannie

Aud loving her baby

Our crazy Nativity

The girlies with Santa


Ugly Sweater Party!!

So this had to have been one of the funniest parties I have ever been too! (thanks to Kim and Amy for throwing it!) Here we are in some of the sweetest sweaters ever... in some of the sweetest poses ever!! Be sure to check out my sweater...I think it was made for some one a little more round with really short arms? We had a great white elephant exchange with some pretty crazy presents? Then we had a root beer taste test with 10 different brands of root beer. I thought that root beer all tasted the same, but I was proved very wrong...why do we even drink that stuff (yuck)! What a lucky girl to have such awesome girl friends (your hubbies are pretty cool too!) I love you girls and can't wait for our next get together!!

Happy New Year!!


The Polar Express

My mom got us tickets on The Polar Express! Well sort of...just a little smaller:)

We had such a great time with the Fam. It was a great start to a great Christmas!

Not only did we get to see Santa, but even more important, we remembered the true meaning of Christmas!

Grannie and Pa with the kiddos

Audrey trying to smile with Santa despite the nervousness

Abby Babby with Santa

On the Train ready to go

the rest of the fam

Catch up...

So we have been home for a couple weeks now...and I just haven't been able to get myself to sit down and get caught up! I know that if I keep putting it off it will only get worse...and probably never happen. So here it goes! Prepare yourselves for a long couple of posts:)
Here is how we celebrated the rest of Abby's Birthday!
Dinner with mom, dad and Audrey at Chuck E Cheese
played all the fun games and rode the rides
Present: Leapster(pink of course)
Celebrated in Utah with Grannies, Pas and cousins
Princess Bell Cake
Great Birthday!!
Thanks to everyone for making it such a special day for Abby!!