Going Private

Going private a week from today:)
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Disneyland (picture overload!!)

Our trip to Disneyland couldn't have gone any better! The girls were angels and loved every minute of it! We had such a great time with grannie and pa, and Katie, Bj and nix. We are going to have to make this trip a tradition and take the girls every year!! Sorry about the picture overload...there were just to many I couldn't decide on what to leave out. Hope you enjoy:) I know we sure did!

Winnie the Pooh

sweet sisters

"A" is for Adams

Outside The Winni The Pooh ride

Pirate time!

Cute mouse ears

Toy Story Mania
our favorite ride!
Aud loved it!!

3D glasses...check!

me and missy moo on Toy Story

All tuckered out

Tea Cups

Rides with Grannie and Pa

The Carousel

Sleeping Beauties Castle

Just after Splash Mountain...Abby loved it!
we got soaked

The Disney Castle

Minnie's Breakfast
This was a great morning for the girls...they didn't know what was going on. The characters just kept coming and chatting with them all during breakfast. Needless to say not much food was eaten. So fun to see the girls faces...it's magic!

Meeting the princesses
The girls loved this part! They were so excited to get their autographs and give them hugs.
Bell was so sweet, she spun around with the girls and made them feel like real princesses:)

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Visit with Great Grandma

This last week we headed out for SPRING BREAK!! We went to Disneyland (pictures to come),but decided to take a detour on the way and see my Grandma, Uncle and cousins in Seattle! I can't tell you how glad I am that we went. It was so good to see Uncle Todd and his kids, Brett and his cute girlfriend Kristen and cute Jamie! They were so great and we had so much fun catching up with them. It has been more than 4 years since we have seen each other...that is way too long! Then we went to see my cute grandma...she is so cute!!! 89 years old and still wants to look good before any pictures! She has a hard time remembering who is who, but it didn't seem to bother her at our visit. She kept going over our names and kissing our little girlies. She couldn't get enough of Abby and Audrey! It was so cute how they just felt drawn to her, even though Audrey had never met her and Abby hasn't seen her since she was a year and a half old. Abby was showing her all her ballet tricks, (and of course Audrey had to join in) spinning and all. Then she was doing her ABC's and grandma joined in...it was so cute to watch them say them together. Abby kept correcting Grandma and helped her get all the way to Z. We had such a great time, when it came time to go...grandma started to cry and then I started to cry(we must be related). She wanted us to stay longer. She kept saying the worst part about this visit is that you have to leave. She was asking us when we were coming back and made us promise to come soon. She walked us to the door and it took me about 5 mins to get the door closed because she put her walker in the way... she really wanted to come with us! It was so good to see her!!

Grandma we will be back soon!!:) We love you and miss you already!

Letter of the Day

So in an attempt to keep the girls busy, and learning we started The Letter of the Day. The Letter of the Day entails learning a new letter, writing it and coloring a picture that starts with the letter, then reading some books that go along with the letter and the best part eating something that starts with the letter.

Here are some pics of our Letter "B" day


The girls colored little bakers and then we cut them out and glued them to toilet paper rolls

Then we made yummy Banana Bread, and read some fun books about Bakers


February at a Glance

Fun night, great friends, yummy food and football!
What more could you want?
Aud, Babs and Tate
enjoying the 3D commercials
The Crew enjoying the game

back row R to L : Colby, Mandy, Bryce, Cj, Paige, Heather, Tyson and Brody
Front row R to L: Becca (me), Levi, Shay, Misty, Gage and Megan


Abby and her class making and eating their pizzas

Me with my Beautiful flowers...Levi also gave me our wedding video (VHS) on DVD...I know, I don't think we got married that long ago? We also got to go out the next night to a new (for us) really yummy restaurant called CHAPS! Thanks for making the weekend so special babe!

Making sugar cookies with the girls:)
Our Valentine dinner we made for daddy:)
Abby and Audrey helped decorate... it was a fun day!

Daddy and his girls

My Valentine girls in their cute dresses(thanks mom)
and balloons from daddy!
Also a huge thanks to both grannies and pas for the darling
Valentine packages!! The girls look so cute in their outfits and loved
all the fun toys, etc.

Random Stuff from the rest of the month:

Abby got a hold of my camera and this is what we got...this one is a GEM!!
she made Audrey hold our engagement pic...funny girl:)

Audrey squished in the bottom of the book shelf

Playing dress ups

Sponge curler time!

Abby thought I needed them in my hair too!

r to l: Ryan, James, Levi, Colby and Tyler
Levi when on a Scout camp out last weekend and completely FROZE along with
all the other leaders and scouts. The night was miserable, but the hike the next day
was amazing! They snowshoed about three miles and the scenery was beautiful as you can
see from the picture.