Boating with Grannie and Pa

We went boating last weekend with Fran, Todd, Austen, Katie (Nixon), and Al. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect! Abby decided to try wake boarding with her dad. At first she was really excited, then when she realized what it would entail it was too late, but she did great, and only shed a few tears (because her band aid came off).

Back Yard Fun!!

Audrey and Abby on the new HORSE SWING!!
(love it Grannie and Pa! )

Chicken nugget girl!

(gotta have one in each hand and one for her mouth)

It has been so nice staying with my parents for the summer! They have this beautiful backyard that the girls absolutely love. It is so nice not to have to go to a park, we can just walk out the back door and enjoy!

My Ten year High School Reunion

Okay... so now you know how old I am! J/K
We had a great time visiting with all our friends!!

Kangaroo Zoo

Within three days we had two parties at Kangaroo Zoo... needless to say the girls were in heaven!! They had a blast! Grannies and Pa's, cousins, food, slides and trampolines...what more could you ask for!



Since we were already in Moab for Shay and Misty's wedding we decided to do some hiking and see some sights. It is really sad, Levi and I have lived in Utah our whole lives and have never taken the time to see Arches or Dead Horse Point. So we along with Brett and Michelle were determined to see as much as we could before we had to head back to real life and kids. We had such a fun time. We hiked to Delicate Arch (this is the arch that is on the Utah licence plates). It was so beautiful. I couldn't believe how big it was!! Then we made it to a few more sights before the sun went down. Then the next day on our way home we went to Dead Horse Point. It is such an amazing view!! I know the pictures don't do it justice, but they are still fun to see! We had such a fun time with Brett & Michelle and Paige & Bryce, thanks for the fun memories :)!!
Levi, Me, Bryce, Paige, Michelle & Brett

Don't fall!! Such a jokester

Dead Horse Point

Can we say windy!!

Brett, Michelle, Me and Levi
Me at Double Arch

Balancing Rock

(there was a little lady from Germany taking this picture, and she couldn't speak English very well, she kept telling us to bend down? Who knows what she was trying to tell us? I really don't think we needed to bend down, but here we are anyway.)

Shay and Misty's Wedding

Just this last weekend we headed down to Moab with Michelle & Brett and Paige & Bryce for Shay & Misty's wedding. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was perfect! They were married outside of the Red Cliff Lodge. It was right on the Colorado River. Misty was absolutely beautiful and Shay was very handsome. It was so fun to get to share their special day with them!!

Paige, Michelle & me

Levi, Bryce & Brett

Us with the happy couple!

The Ceremony

All the guys


Memorial Day Weekend

Even though the weather was bad... we had a great Memorial Day weekend! My oldest sister came down from Logan with her kids. Hunter her second boy had a baseball tournament. We had a great time going to dinner and watching his games. He is definitely an athlete! (sad I didn't get a picture of him.) After the games we had some fun playing in Grannie and Pa's backyard! The girls love the swing, slide and trampoline. I think that they would play outside all day if I let them.

Macie, Ryan, Levi, Audrey, Me and Heather


Best Buddies

Abby and Taylor

Lovin the swing!

Finally something she is afraid of... GRASS!

On Memorial Day we woke up to rain!! Which was not good because we were supposed to be running a 5k. Some of you may have seen my post about it. It was to earn money for our friend Katie and her cute girls. Her husband Ryan passed away two months ago. Well we decided rain or shine we needed to be there!! So we bundled up and headed out! It was crazy it rained up until the race started and then it stopped until the race ended. There was a great turn out, about 900 people showed up to run! It was pretty awesome to see so many people out supporting Katie. Well I ended up running... well walking the mile with Jamie Blaisdell, my dad and my girls. Levi ran the 5k with Tyler and my brother Matt. They all did really well. Levi came in first, his time was 24 mins. Which is awesome considering he hasn't been working out for quite some time ( you definitely have to sacrifice for school!). All things considered the weekend was great!!

The Crew

My little runner!

Matt and Levi

Summer Time Is Here!!

Well we have been here in Utah for almost a month. We got to go swim at my cute sister in laws house. It was so fun to get the girls together and watch them be crazy together! I think that my girls were born with out any fear!! They are crazy, running and jumping and just loving it!!
I am loving the summer and the great weather!! Bring on the sunshine!
Me and my girls
Abby and Sadie

Audrey Lynn