The Fashion Girl!

So Abby has just discovered that she can dress herself...and pick out her clothes!
I know, I know she just might have a career in the fashion industry!!!
This has been hard for me, but she thinks she is such a big girl and a big helper when she gets ready herself!! It is so cute how proud she is!! What a cutie!


Cory and Whit said...
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Cory and Whit said...

A girl as cute as she is can wear just about anything and still be adorable.

allegra said...

heck, better job than I do most days when I finally get dressed in the morning. You're such a good mommy to let her experiment with her fashion sense. I'm loving the all white look with the bright sneaks. Shes darling.

Heather said...

so could abby and audrey be any cuter? i don't think so!

S.A.S. said...

love the ensemble abbs, you're right on track. i remember watching a boy who was obsessed with his red cowboy boots. he was probably 18 months old and wouldn't take them off. no bigs, they even looked good with his pj's.
she's a doll.