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Levi and I surprised Abby with tickets to Disney on Ice. Her birthday is in a week and so we decided this would be part of her present. We didn't tell her until we were on our way. When we told her it took a minute for it to click, but when it did she was ecstatic!!! She couldn't contain herself, screaming, cheering and clapping for like 5 minutes strait. She had seen the commercials on TV and would ask if we could go every time she saw it. I would respond that we didn't have enough money and she would follow up with getting change off the dresser and bringing it to me saying I have some money!!
It ended up being such a fun night! She wore her beautiful Princess Bell dress and we bought her a Belle doll to match. All I can say is that it was totally worth the money just to see her face and how much she was enjoying herself!! We love our little Bugga Boo (Abby).

Abby and I decided to make cookie for all
of you!! I know that you won't get to eat them,
but it's the thought that counts right!! Well
Abby had a ball making them and even more
fun decorating them as you can see from the

Audrey had to get in on
the action!! What
a cute girlie!!

Abby posing in
her cute apron.
This was my latest

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We had a great Turkey Day here is Spokane.
We spent the day enjoying yummy food and
fun company. Heather and Tyson were wonderful
hosts. We had so much fun playing games,
watching movies and just talking and eating.
We missed each of you and hope you all had a
great holiday!!

Well it finally snowed!! It has been so cold here, but no snow. I don't mind the cold weather as long as there is pretty snow to look at! It started snowing at night right before Abby went to bed. She was so excited she wanted to play in it right then. I eventually got her to bed with the promise of letting her play in it in the morning. Needless to say as soon as she woke up she wanted to go!! We had mom and me dance class that morning and she wanted to bypass dance and go straight to the snow!!! Luckily I talked her into going to dance and then to the snow. I love the dance class because she gets so much energy out. With dance and playing in the snow combined she was worn out! Which was great for nap time. The pics are cute, and if you look close you can see a little snow man. That is my sad attempt at building a snow man, it's not even as big as Abby!! Ha Ha Ha

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Dark already

OK I just wanted to let everyone know that there is something that I dislike about Spokane (other than the cops hiding by the high school to give me tickets, but that's another story). It gets dark so early!!! This picture was taken from my front porch at 4:30 in the afternoon! It looks and feels like it's at least 7 or 8. I am definitely not used to this, and I'm sure it will take some time for our bodies to adjust. Other than that we really are enjoying ourselves here.

The Champs!!

Undefeated!!! The team became the Gonzaga 2007 Flag Football Champions on November 8th. They had a great season sweeping the entire intramural competition. The final two games were cut short due to the mercy rule, that means that they were ahead by more than 20 something points. Just goes to show that they know how to play ball, even though they were dubbed by the other teams as "the old guys". We can't wait for basketball to start, so we can cheer on our team!! Who knows maybe it will be a triple crown year (football, basketball, and softball).


The Weekly (monthly) Scoop

I know it has been forever since I have taken the time to write a good entry, but life is crazy around here with two of the most darling little girls ever! Who wants to blog when you can play with your girls?
So things here in Spokane are going great. I never imagined that I would love it as much as I have. Being away from family is hard and I am really really starting to be home sick (good thing we will be home for a visit next month), but I still love it. We have some great friends an a cute little apartment that is warm and cozy. Who could ask for more? As long as I have my wonderful hubby and my babies it's home! Speaking of my babies, Abby is so funny or she says the funniest things without realizing it. The other day we were watching The Biggest Loser on t.v. and Abby came running in saying "can I watch the biggest lizard too?" Levi and I both lost it, we were on the floor laughing. What a character!! and what can I say about Audrey... she is so darling and she steals our hearts every time she smiles. I was always nervous when I was pregnant with her that there was no way I could love another little baby as much as I loved Abby, but it is interesting your love just grows and becomes bigger (I hope that makes sense). Well if you can't tell I love my little girls more than life itself. They are the most wonderful blessing in our lives. Look at me I am just rambling on and on.
Well I got a calling in our new ward. I am the Beehive/Mia maid advisor. I am really excited, I have always wanted to be in Young Womens and now I have the chance. I will be teaching three out of four Sundays a month, which is a lot, but better than Sunday school which was every Sunday. We only have about 7 girls in the whole Young Womens so it is really small, but I think that will be good, so I can get to know each of the girls really well. We have a brand new Presidency and they all seem every nice and fun to work with. It was interesting, in October's fast and testimony meeting I felt like I should get up and share my testimony, which is not something I do very often. So I got up shared my testimony. The next week I got a call from Brother Lynn the first counselor in the Bishopric. He came over and extended the call to serve in the Young Womens and told me that his wife (who is the YW president) said a prayer before the meeting that she would be inspired on who to call to serve with her. So I guess it was meant to be, there were also two other girls that shared their testimonies that same day and we are all now serving in YW. It's great to have such a good ward to be a part of.
Most of you know that I am teaching dance at a little studio just around the corner from my house. It has proven to be a great escape for me to have a little free time. I teach a beginning Jazz class and I have done a little choreography and rehearsing. It is only about three to six hours a week, but it is nice to get out and have some "me time" and get some exercising in besides. Not to mention a little extra cash (every little bit helps when your living off loans).
Speaking of loans, I am so grateful for education, even though we are going in debt. It is worth every penny. Levi is still really loving being in school and learning new things every day. He is such a great example to me to continue your education. Who knows maybe someday I can finish my degree. I would really love to! Just a little thanks to my hubby...thanks for sacrificing so much for our family, I know it will pay off in the end! I love you!!
So the Holidays are creeping up on us fast and I can't wait. The air is crisp and cold and you can smell fall...winter in the air. I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!! It is so fun to start or continue family holiday traditions. If any of you have some fun traditions I would love to hear them. I am always looking for fun things to start with my little family. Also I can't wait to come home to visit, I sure miss everyone!! (see you soon:) )
This post is beginning to get pretty lengthy so I will say goodbye for now and hopefully it won't take me so long to update you next time. Lots of love to everyone!!

P.S. yes I did get my hair cut, and I love it. It is so much easier to do, it only takes like 10 mins YAH!! I will post some pics a little later.

Snack time!!

As you can see from the pictures Audrey absolutely loves to eat!!! She will eat anything. We try to just give her the baby food, but when she is hungry she doesn't care what it is as long as it is food!! So the table food that she has tried up to this point, and I might add loves are... canned green beans, cooked carrots, rice, banana bread, tortillas, black bean soup, I could go on and on. She just loves everything, which is nice because Abby wouldn't eat anything, only the milk in her bottle. So they are definitely different. It's fun to have two girls with totally different personalities.
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Our little model

First of all can she get any cuter...well I know I am totally biased, but she is pretty cute. So Levi came home the other night and thought that she was dressed so cute and wanted some pictures of her. So we went outside and snapped a couple, and this is what we got. A little girl that thinks she is a model and will pose until the cows come home!! Abby loves getting her pictures taken and she also loves taking pictures. So fun to have a little girl enjoy being girlie!!
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So now that Audrey knows how to stand up to things there is no stopping her!! She is everywhere and really pretty fast! She loves Abby's bed as you can see. Lots of places to hold on to and to chew on (perfect). What a little shrimp, she is barely taller than the bed.

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Happy Halloween!!

Big girl Audrey MOVIE 2


Big girl Audrey MOVIE 1

So it seems that our little baby girl has taken a liking to doing big girl things!! As you can see from the videos she is all about crawling and climbing up to things. I can't believe that she is already doing all these things, she is barely 7 months!! She seems too little!!! I need her to stay little longer so that I don't get baby hungry to fast!! Don't worry I'm definitely not ready for another baby anytime soon. Anyhow Levi and I are really enjoying this stage. She babbles all the time and can't stop grinning, especially in the mornings! Kids are the best, I can't imagine life without them.


Sleepy/Hungry Audrey

This is our little Audrey asleep yet still eating!! She was so tired that I was just going to put her to bed, but I thought I will try to feed her first and this is what we got. She was completely asleep, but when I would put the food to her mouth she would scarf it down. What a silly girl!

Happy Birthday Levi!!

Happy 27th Birthday Levi!! Levi's birthday was on Friday, we got Kara and Travis to watch the kids and I took Levi out. We ate at
PF Chang's our favorite (thanks mom) and went to see Dan in Real Life, it's the new movie with Steve Carell. It was so much fun!! We haven't been to a movie since before Audrey was born, so it was quite the date!! Then we celebrated at the Halloween party, and had cake. All the kids wanted to help blow out the candles, so cute, although Levi looks a little scary!

We love you Levi!! Thanks for taking such good care of us. You are the best husband and dad
ever, and you deserve the best!! Hope your day was special!
Happy Birthday!!
Love, Becca, Abby and Audrey


Halloween Package

Thank you Grannie Frannie and Pa Todd!!! Abby couldn't have been more excited! Just look at that face. As I pulled each thing out of the box all she could say was " Oh my Gosh!!" she said it about 20 times.
We loved all the cute cards and presents, But the jammies were my favorite!!

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Audrey on the GO!!

Audrey has learned to crawl and won't stop. I think she is going to be the youngest gymnast ever... look at that head stand!! She is only 6 1/2 months... I'm not ready for her to be mobile yet! Especially because we have base board heaters. If you don't know what they are feel lucky! Every where in Spokane has them. I guess it is cheaper to install them then a furnace, but it is way more expensive to heat your house. I am not a fan if you can't tell.
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daddy and his girls

These little girls are such daddy's girls, and their daddy loves them more than anything in the world!! Levi is the Best dad, when he gets home from school all he wants to do is play with his girls, and they eat it up!!

Baby Legs

These are more of the cute leg warmers that I made. They are called Baby Legs and you can buy them on line, but they are like $15 and we made ours for $1 a pair. They are so great for little babies that are crawling around all day long. Audrey's knees were beginning to get red and chapped from all the crawling, so that is why I decided to make them. Aren't they cute!!

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Ballerina Abby

My friend Ashley and I decided to be industrious and make leg warmers and tutu's for our girls. A day later this is what we had!! Needless to say the girls absolutely loved them!! Abby couldn't stop dancing and posing long enough for me to get a shirt on her...but I finally managed to get one on.

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Mommy Abby

OK this is the cutest thing ever!!! If you look closely at the pictures you will see that Abby has all her bears and babies lined up on the blanket. You will also see to the right that there are about 20 baby wipes and one of Audrey's diapers, and if you look at Abby you will see that she has her arms folded and eyes closed.
I walked in to check on her the other night and found all this and had to take some pictures. After she realized I was in there I asked her what she was up to? She sweetly replied "I changed all my babies diapers and now we are saying prayers so I can put them to bed". I couldn't believe it...she really is learning even though she talks and giggles and plays through all are family prayers. I am so grateful for our beautiful sweet Abby! What a precious little spirit.

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Fall leaves

Abby absolutely loves being outside!! So we took advantage of the sunny weather, even though it is like 55 degrees outside! We went to Manito Park and let all the kids play on the playground and feed the ducks. It is so fun to have so many friends with kids all the same age here in Spokane. We try to get together at least once a week and let the kids run wild and get all their energy out, while all the moms relax and chat. The fall leaves are so beautiful, and Abby loves playing in them, so I had to get her in action. What a cute girlie!!
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Audrey Lynn

Audrey loves to suck on her bottom lip, she also has a few crazy faces that she pulls. I will post them as soon as I can catch them on camera.

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Green Bluff

There is this great little town just North of us called Green Bluff. They are a farming community. There are so many farms I can't count them, but they all have fun things to do for every season. We went and checked it out with some friends just last weekend, and had a great time! We were able to pick out own pumpkins in this huge pumpkin patch, you can pick your own apples, shop at the cute little craft stores, eat lunch at the little shops and much more. We really had a great time and can't wait to go back for Christmas!!

Our little pumpkin!

Abby couldn't get enough of the pumpkins!!

A few more cute pics of the trip.

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