Abby's First Day of School

As many of you know Abby is not a big fan of being left somewhere without me (not sure why because i am definitely not mother of the year!)?? So last years task of dropping her off at preschool was daunting to say the least...every day I would have to pry her little fingers off of my leg and run before she could catch me. Not sure why I kept taking her...but I did. Just to let you know she was fine after just a few minutes and loved telling me how much fun she had when I picked her up. So this year I was really nervous, not even sure if I was going to sign her up...but I did.

After a lot of prayers and hope...

She loves it! She carpools with another little boy in the morning and then
I pick them up. She has a great teacher and a lot of good friends.
So glad this wasn't the disaster it could have been!



This year PIG OUT IN THE PARK was almost rained out. We would have been very sad if that would have happen...it would have meant no BRICK OF FRIES, no FRIED SNICKERS, no GIGANTIC CORN DOGS etc!!
We went, we stuffed ourselves, and we loved it!!
(sorry no pics of the lovely food...we scarfed it!)

The Last Days of Summer

Well summer is officially over here in Spokane:( The days are now in the 30's and night are in the teen's. So here is what we did during our last warm days, and here is what we will be dreaming of throughout the crazy Spokane winter!

Coeur d' Alene beach

Our good friends Nate and Polly
(if you can't tell our kids love them!!)

Testing out the water with dad

The Splash Pad

visiting the ducks at Manito Park


Baby Shower

My cute friends Paige and Heather threw me a baby shower! Who gets a baby shower on baby number 3?... what a lucky girl I am! I was in much need of some boy stuff. Everything we own is pink and definitely gender specific! I am so grateful to all my wonderful friends for coming and for their generosity. You girls are the BEST!!
Paige made these yummy cake pops...they were so cute!!

Cute decorations...that I got to take home:)

The Girls
Misty, me, Mauressa, Erin, Paige and Heather

Heather made yummy chocolate delight (my favorite)