Grannie Frannie and Brampa Todd

Fran and Todd came to visit us. We had such a great time with them!! We were able to show them all around Spokane and let them see the Law School. We went to Manito Park and fed the ducks and the seagulls ( this was so fun... we would throw the bread in the air and the seagulls would dive for it and catch it in mid air!). We went to a bunch a yummy restaurants, and of course our favorite Casa de Oro. They took Abby for a fun day at the Riverfront Park and the children's museum. She is still talking about how fun it was!! We had a picnic in the park...as you can see from the pics, and just played until we were all worn out!! Abby loved it because brampa Todd played hide and seek with her ( check out the last four pics on the collage). Grannie and Brampa thanks so much we had a great time!!!

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JEN said...

It's always nice to see family when you live so far away! Looks like you had so much fun with them! What a good looking family you guys have!! I love the girls beanies!!!

J-ME said...

That is so fun that they came up to visit. Your girls are so dang cute! It looks like such a fun place where you live! Love ya!

tckbnorth said...

So I really want to have a halloween party so if you still want to have one let me know and we can plan it together. Let me know.

mattandangie said...

Hey guys, it looks like you are having so much fun up there. The girls are so cute, and Sadie says that abby looks bigger, she sure misses her. We love you guys and miss you. Tell the girls hi from us.
love Angie and Matt

Lizzy and Dallas said...

Hey Guys, Your girls are getting so big, they look so cute in their matching coats and hats! We sure miss you guys! Looks like you had fun with Fran and Todd, we can't wait until christmas is here. Tell Levi that we said hi too, and that Dallas Cambium shirt was giving to him by Levi..
We sure love and miss you tons!
Love Dallas and Lizzy

allegra said...

it looks like you guys had some fun with gammy frannie and brampa todd! abby and audrey look so cute in their matching attire! we're so happy for you guys and all you're doing with school, etc. good luck and we miss you guys!