Movie of the Girls!!


So we woke up this morning and I got Audrey up and... look at her pajamas?? She looks like she is twisted, but really in the middle of the night she somehow got her legs out of the right leg holes and twisted and put them back in the opposite leg holes. Who knew we had such a talented little baby!! I had to blog this, I thought it was too funny!!
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OK I guess I never realized how much Abby and Audrey look alike. I took this picture the other day and to me they could be twins, OK not really, but they look so much alike. They have the same nose, eyes, lips, etc. Maybe you all have noticed it already, but it has taken me seeing this picture to notice it. What cute girlies!!!
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Levi working hard!!

Lately I have been thinking about how grateful I am for my hubby!! He not only is a great example to me and the girls, but he works so hard to give us everything we need! I am so proud of him for taking this leap of faith to go to Law School, move away from family and friends and live off very little money. He has made some huge sacrifices and I know they will pay off along the journey and in the end. I keep waiting for him to come home and say he is sick of school, but every time he comes home he is in such a good mood and can't stop talking about how much he is learning and how much he loves it!!! He will tell me about some of the cases he is reading and what the teachers expect him to know...all I can say is I'm glad it's him and not me. I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us such a wonderful opportunity and adventure. We are truly blessed!!

Abby beanie boo

So I loved the pics I got of Audrey with her beanie, so I decided to take some of Abby with hers. I can't get over how cute these beanies are!!! and my girls!!! I know I know I am their mom, but I have to brag to someone.
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THE WEEKLY SCOOP September 16th

My new goal is to do a little write up of our weekly adventures here in Spokane. We want to keep you all up to date on what we are doing and what is new. I can't promise that it will happen every week, because things get a little crazy around here with these cute girls, but I will definitely try.

Just to catch you up on all that has happened since we got here... We moved just over a month ago. We have a cute two bedroom apt. that is very cozy, and also very homey! WE LOVE our new ward. There are quite a few Law students that live in our apt. complex and that live in our ward. It is fun to meet all the new people, its like they are our own little family away from home. We just had regional Stake Conference today. It was great, Pres. Hinckley spoke as well as Elder Hales, it is so good to hear from the General Authorities. It always reminds me to really remember to do the little things.

I Love the weekends here, because I get to spend all the time with Levi and the girls. We had such a great time this weekend. It was the Spokane County Fair. We went with some friends (Tyson and Heather) and had a really fun time. There really wasn't much to do but look at a whole barn full of Lambs, a whole 2 barns full of goats, and another barn full of cows!! Abby really liked seeing the animals, but she had to keep her nose plugged the whole time, because of the smell!! We did get a tasty snow cone and Audrey loved that!! Abby went on a few rides and that was about it, but the company was great and made the trip fun!!!

As most of you know Abby and I are taking a mom and me dance class, it has turned out to be so much fun!!! I am also teaching some classes and doing some choreography at the same studio. It has been a great break for me... not to mention its helping to get me back into shape.

Levi is really enjoying school. His classes are going well and he is learning a lot!! He has made a lot of new friends and studies with them at the library. It is really nice to have him home so much. I thought that he would be gone studying a lot more, but I guess I was used to him being gone for 3 to 4 days a week with work. Now he is home every night at 5 or 6 and has every weekend off. It is nice because he gets all his studying done at school, so when he is home we just get to enjoy the time together!!!

Well we sure miss you all, and hope all is going well for each of you!!


Flower Baby

This is my attempt to be a photographer...not great but the baby is so cute that I don't think it matters much!! I really wanted to show off the cute beanie that Audrey is wearing!! One of my cute friends that I met here in Spokane makes them. They are the cutest things ever, you buy the beanie and then you can buy separate flowers to go on them. There are so many flowers to choose from, all different styles and colors. I got each of my girls beanies and a bunch of flowers. Can't wait for it to get cool outside so they can start wearing them.
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Pirate Abby

Abby is such a crazy girl and has such a great imagination!!! We received all these ribbons when we went to Build A Bear, and when we got home Abby only wanted to play with them instead of her new Bunnyboo. So Levi helped her tie each ribbon on and when he was done she said "I'm PIRATE ABBY" so here are the pics of our PIRATE ABBY!! Life is never boring with Abby around!!!
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Dancing Queen

Abby and I started the mom and me dance class today!! What a fun thing. There are two other Moms (from our ward) that are in the class with us and they have the cutest little girls. Abby, Lauren and Kamay had so much fun, I don't know why we didn't do this sooner!! It is definitely a nice thing to get out and let the girls get out a lot of their energy. It also seems to make the day go smoother!! I can't wait for next week!!!

Tubber Time

(Sorry still trying to get the video to work... until then enjoy the cute pics)
Here is a cute video of our little Audrey. She is such a joy to have in our family!! Sorry about the modesty issue ( but I think you can get over it she is only 5 months). She definitely loves her tubber. We are trying to keep up on a bed time routine with her... rice cereal, bath, nurse and then bed. It seems to be working good. Most nights she sleeps all night, hopefully we are doing something right with her. Hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoy her tubber time every night!
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Well what a great idea Jenn gave us. Up until Friday September 7th Abby would take a sippy cup of milk (aka baba) to bed and nap time. We finally felt like it was time to grow up and be done with the sippy, besides the fact that she was waking up 3 times a night for more milk. So we headed out to Build A Bear Friday night ( what a fun place). We tried to prep her and let her know that she could get whatever she wanted as long as she paid for it with her sippy cups. All went well she was really excited and couldn't wait to pay for it. She tried to give the lady the sippys right when we walked in. She ended up picking a cute bunny who she named BUNNYBOO. She picked out a Sleeping Beauty outfit and some Jammies for her bunny. She had so much fun, I don't think she even realized what she was doing!! Well she was all smiles... until bed time, then came the tears and the asking for the baba!! So now she is still getting up 2 times a night but it is to go potty, which we are happy for! (no more pull ups!!) So things are definitely getting better, we will just give it more time and hopefully she will learn to sleep all night!! My thanks go out to Jenn for the great idea!!!
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Abigail Mckall

These are the newest pictures we have of Abby. Jenn took them just about two weeks before we moved to Spokane. I love all of them!! It is nice to have a photographer in the family!!!

Thanks mom and dad!!!

I just wanted to tell my parent thank you so much for all the help with moving!! I can't express enough gratitude to you... lets just put it this way we would have never made it without you. We had such a fun time while you were here. Thanks again.



This is one of the most recent pics of our little Audrey Lynn. I can't believe how blue her eyes are.


Manito Park

This park is only a few minutes from our new house in Spokane. I has already become one of our favorite spots!! There is so much you can do... feed the ducks, play on the play ground, visit all the many gardens ( Duncan is our favorite!) or just have a picnic. Hope you enjoy the beautiful flowers and landscaping, and I hope the pictures do it justice.