The Weekly (monthly) Scoop

I know it has been forever since I have taken the time to write a good entry, but life is crazy around here with two of the most darling little girls ever! Who wants to blog when you can play with your girls?
So things here in Spokane are going great. I never imagined that I would love it as much as I have. Being away from family is hard and I am really really starting to be home sick (good thing we will be home for a visit next month), but I still love it. We have some great friends an a cute little apartment that is warm and cozy. Who could ask for more? As long as I have my wonderful hubby and my babies it's home! Speaking of my babies, Abby is so funny or she says the funniest things without realizing it. The other day we were watching The Biggest Loser on t.v. and Abby came running in saying "can I watch the biggest lizard too?" Levi and I both lost it, we were on the floor laughing. What a character!! and what can I say about Audrey... she is so darling and she steals our hearts every time she smiles. I was always nervous when I was pregnant with her that there was no way I could love another little baby as much as I loved Abby, but it is interesting your love just grows and becomes bigger (I hope that makes sense). Well if you can't tell I love my little girls more than life itself. They are the most wonderful blessing in our lives. Look at me I am just rambling on and on.
Well I got a calling in our new ward. I am the Beehive/Mia maid advisor. I am really excited, I have always wanted to be in Young Womens and now I have the chance. I will be teaching three out of four Sundays a month, which is a lot, but better than Sunday school which was every Sunday. We only have about 7 girls in the whole Young Womens so it is really small, but I think that will be good, so I can get to know each of the girls really well. We have a brand new Presidency and they all seem every nice and fun to work with. It was interesting, in October's fast and testimony meeting I felt like I should get up and share my testimony, which is not something I do very often. So I got up shared my testimony. The next week I got a call from Brother Lynn the first counselor in the Bishopric. He came over and extended the call to serve in the Young Womens and told me that his wife (who is the YW president) said a prayer before the meeting that she would be inspired on who to call to serve with her. So I guess it was meant to be, there were also two other girls that shared their testimonies that same day and we are all now serving in YW. It's great to have such a good ward to be a part of.
Most of you know that I am teaching dance at a little studio just around the corner from my house. It has proven to be a great escape for me to have a little free time. I teach a beginning Jazz class and I have done a little choreography and rehearsing. It is only about three to six hours a week, but it is nice to get out and have some "me time" and get some exercising in besides. Not to mention a little extra cash (every little bit helps when your living off loans).
Speaking of loans, I am so grateful for education, even though we are going in debt. It is worth every penny. Levi is still really loving being in school and learning new things every day. He is such a great example to me to continue your education. Who knows maybe someday I can finish my degree. I would really love to! Just a little thanks to my hubby...thanks for sacrificing so much for our family, I know it will pay off in the end! I love you!!
So the Holidays are creeping up on us fast and I can't wait. The air is crisp and cold and you can smell fall...winter in the air. I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!! It is so fun to start or continue family holiday traditions. If any of you have some fun traditions I would love to hear them. I am always looking for fun things to start with my little family. Also I can't wait to come home to visit, I sure miss everyone!! (see you soon:) )
This post is beginning to get pretty lengthy so I will say goodbye for now and hopefully it won't take me so long to update you next time. Lots of love to everyone!!

P.S. yes I did get my hair cut, and I love it. It is so much easier to do, it only takes like 10 mins YAH!! I will post some pics a little later.


tckbnorth said...

What are your plans for thanksgiving? I think that Katie reserved her church and she is trying to get all the law students who are not going home, to come to the church and celebrate. Let me know what your plans are!

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

I got teary eyed reading your sweet entry about loving your darling babies. I don't think anything amplifies love like being a mom! We are so glad to hear you're doing well! Looking forward to seeing you guys next month sometime!

allegra said...

you are such a good little mommy, and i love how you just love your girls. they are lucky to have such a great example. i know that being a wife of a student isn't easy, huh? but you're right-its soo worth it and it just makes you love and appreciate your hubby more for all he's giving for the fam. keep your entries comin'! we love reading them. can't wait to see you next! oh and p.s. your hair IS cute! we're all just choppin' off all our hair, huh?


Becca I love you!! That's so exciting that your working in the YW's you'll be great. Thanks for always being such a good example to me and making me be a better person.

S.A.S. said...

Bex! I'm so so happy that you and your cute family are so happy and doing so well! It makes me want to come visit you so badly and just see your apartment and new neighborhood and ward and friends. You are PERFECT for the young women's calling. They will love you to pieces and copy your every move. Remember how fun it was to love your young women leaders? I admired them to the end of the earth. Good for Levi for being so dedicated and good at what he's doing. I just love him. Love you so much!