Well it finally snowed!! It has been so cold here, but no snow. I don't mind the cold weather as long as there is pretty snow to look at! It started snowing at night right before Abby went to bed. She was so excited she wanted to play in it right then. I eventually got her to bed with the promise of letting her play in it in the morning. Needless to say as soon as she woke up she wanted to go!! We had mom and me dance class that morning and she wanted to bypass dance and go straight to the snow!!! Luckily I talked her into going to dance and then to the snow. I love the dance class because she gets so much energy out. With dance and playing in the snow combined she was worn out! Which was great for nap time. The pics are cute, and if you look close you can see a little snow man. That is my sad attempt at building a snow man, it's not even as big as Abby!! Ha Ha Ha

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