Snack time!!

As you can see from the pictures Audrey absolutely loves to eat!!! She will eat anything. We try to just give her the baby food, but when she is hungry she doesn't care what it is as long as it is food!! So the table food that she has tried up to this point, and I might add loves are... canned green beans, cooked carrots, rice, banana bread, tortillas, black bean soup, I could go on and on. She just loves everything, which is nice because Abby wouldn't eat anything, only the milk in her bottle. So they are definitely different. It's fun to have two girls with totally different personalities.
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Katie & BJ said...

Can I just say how much we miss you all! I need to hold little Audrey and play with her! cant wait to see you all soon!

paigeandbryce said...

So cute! I bet CJ will be a total mess when he starts eating too. Hey, I added you to my blog...I hope that's okay (let me know if it's not). I've been kind of obsessed the last two days, but as soon as my movies finish uploading I'll actually be able to leave it alone for a day or two. Anyway, check it out - paigeandbryce.blogspot.com