Fall is Upon Us!!

We went to visit Levi at school the other day and decided to take a walk around campus. We ended up on the bridge over the Spokane River. It was so beautiful and peace full. The trees are changing colors and they are so pretty!! Just had to share the beauty!

Abby took this picture...pretty good!

Halloween Treats!!

Thanks Grannie Frannie and Pa Todd for the fun Halloween package and the cute jammies!!
The girls have had so much fun with all the cute stuff...the glow bracelets were a hit!!
Love ya!!

Pumpkin Carving!!

I love Halloween and all the fun things we get to do... especially carving pumpkins!!!
Here are our CREATIONS!

Levi's (nightmare before Christmas), Audrey's(little one), Becca's (Frankenstein), Abby's(Cinderella)


Happy Birthday Levi!!!

I have been so excited for Levi's birthday this year...I had everything planed out so well, then the stomach flu hit me! At least we got to go to dinner at a really yummy restaurant, Clikerdaggers and to a (not so haunted) haunted house with some of our friends before it hit!
We really enjoyed dinner and having time to ourselves, which we never seem to get these days! The haunted house wasn't that bad, in fact what made it really fun was standing in line for
an hour and a half telling scary stories with our friends!!
(thanks guys for making his day special)
I am grateful that I made it till the date was over, and really sorry that Levi had to do so much on his Birthday. He really is so great! He took over and kept everything under control, fed the girls, put Audrey down for her nap, got Abby ready for church and took her, and went to all the Bishopric meetings (he is the assistant Executive Secretary and of course this is the only time in the last year the the E. S. has been out of town). He was GREAT!! Meanwhile I managed to get some dinner together and make a cake while they were at church...I couldn't have him make his own dinner and cake on his birthday! Well I wish the day could have been more relaxing and less stressful, but hey it's life... you never know what is going to come your way, so we roll with the punches and make the best of what we've got!
Happy Birthday babe!! I know it wasn't the best birthday ever... but we love you and are so proud of all your hard work!! You are the best hubby and dad ever!

us at Clinkerdaggers

Levi, Me, Shay, Paige, Misty and Bryce

Present time with the girls

Dads new shoes...too tempting!

Making the cake

I'm glad the fire alarm didn't go off!

Green Bluff

Last Saturday we headed up to Green Bluff. It is one of our favorite places to go! They have fun little festivals for every fruit harvested...apples, strawberries, cherries, pumpkins etc. This weekend was the pumpkin festival. There were so many fun things to do and see... a hay maze, donkeys to pet, goats to feed, pumpkins to pick, tractors to ride and the ultimate pumpkin launcher!! We had such a great time with our friends Bryce, Paige and Cj.

Audrey, Levi, Abby, Bryce, Cj and Paige

the girls and me lost in the maze

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Audrey couldn't get enough of the baby pumpkins! She wanted to
bring them all home!

I wish my sister was here to take professional pics...but these will
have to do! Abby is such a poser!

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The Amazing Corn Maze!!

So for those of you that don't know I got a new calling... I am the Young Women's first councilor! I really don't know what I am doing, but I just try to have fun with the girls (which is easy) and hopefully the rest I will learn with time.
Well this last week we went to The Amazing Corn Maze! It is in North Idaho, which is only about 20 minutes from Spokane. We had a great turn out 6 girls...we only have about 9 active girls, so we were really excited! Levi was right in the middle of Mid Terms so I took the girls with me. We had such a fun time and Abby thought she was so big. She got to hold the flash light and walk with the young women! Audrey on the other hand was another story...she loved it, but I had a hard time pushing the stroller! ( Note to self NEVER take a stroller to a corn maze!) It was ridiculous! I would push for a while and then one of my young women (Ashley) would take over, so I could rest! It was quite a workout!! Well as you can see from the picture below...the stroller didn't make it out alive! We lost a wheel...I think we were as far from the entrance as you could get when it fell off and there was no fixing it! So Ashley and I carried the stroller out and let me tell you we thought the workout was good before...well I don't think I need to exercise for the next month!! Other than that the night was great!

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Conference Weekend

I always get excited for General Conference weekend. I love getting to wear sweats and mozy around the house for two days constantly eating yummy treats and hanging out with family. But my favorite thing is getting to hear a Prophet of God and the General Authorities of our Church Speak. It is always so uplifting and gives me that extra push to try harder to be a better person! Here are some cute pics of the girls trying to survive the weekend (why is it so hard for little ones to sit still and listen for two days?)!!

"Mommy" Audrey at 18 months

Okay I know I am biased because I am the mom, and I know everyone feels this way about their kids so please bare with me while I brag.

I have the cutest 18month old ever! Lately Audrey's little personality has really begun to show in all her actions. She is learning so much everyday and is getting way too big. So here are a couple of cute videos of her singing to her baby doll. She does this all day long, so I thought I better get it on video to document it.

Cute things Audrey is doing:

Says MOOOOM for moo!
Says Hi and Hello
Signs(mom, dad, milk, please and thank you)
Barks like a Dog
Smiles and poses for the camera
Tries really hard to say Abby, but it doesn't really work:)
Sings all day long
Loves shoes, tries all the shoes on in the house at least once a day
has to have her 2 blankets when she wakes up
( so funny to watch her try to carry them down stairs)
Gives BIG kisses by grabbing your face and holding you there till she is done
Gives SQUEEZES, the best hugs ever
Loves her baby doll
She could play outside all day
Folds her arms for prayers
Started to pout when she gets in trouble (which is way too cute that I can't not laugh)
Loves her daddy, run to him and squeals when he gets home

Happy 18months Audrey!
We love you and feel so lucky to have you in our family.


So last weekend we decided to venture out and enjoy the last nice weekend of the year. We looked on line and found a National Wildlife Refuge just a 1/2 hour away. So we packed a lunch and we were off. The weather was great and the Lake was beautiful... but we saw no wildlife! HELLO this is a Wildlife Refuge??? I thought for sure we would see some deer or moose...but nothing. O.K. we did see some ducks, but hey we can go to the park down the road if we want to see ducks! All in all we had a fun day enjoyed the weather and the girls...they loved just being in nature. Audrey was so cute and wanted to walk all by herself. Lunch was great and it turned out to be a great family day.