Happy Birthday Levi!!!

I have been so excited for Levi's birthday this year...I had everything planed out so well, then the stomach flu hit me! At least we got to go to dinner at a really yummy restaurant, Clikerdaggers and to a (not so haunted) haunted house with some of our friends before it hit!
We really enjoyed dinner and having time to ourselves, which we never seem to get these days! The haunted house wasn't that bad, in fact what made it really fun was standing in line for
an hour and a half telling scary stories with our friends!!
(thanks guys for making his day special)
I am grateful that I made it till the date was over, and really sorry that Levi had to do so much on his Birthday. He really is so great! He took over and kept everything under control, fed the girls, put Audrey down for her nap, got Abby ready for church and took her, and went to all the Bishopric meetings (he is the assistant Executive Secretary and of course this is the only time in the last year the the E. S. has been out of town). He was GREAT!! Meanwhile I managed to get some dinner together and make a cake while they were at church...I couldn't have him make his own dinner and cake on his birthday! Well I wish the day could have been more relaxing and less stressful, but hey it's life... you never know what is going to come your way, so we roll with the punches and make the best of what we've got!
Happy Birthday babe!! I know it wasn't the best birthday ever... but we love you and are so proud of all your hard work!! You are the best hubby and dad ever!

us at Clinkerdaggers

Levi, Me, Shay, Paige, Misty and Bryce

Present time with the girls

Dads new shoes...too tempting!

Making the cake

I'm glad the fire alarm didn't go off!


Terry said...

Happy Birthday Levi! You are such a wonderful husband and father! Hal and I feel so blessed to have you for our son in law! You are such a great example and an amazing husband. You are so good to Becca and those babies! Thanks for being everything we ever wanted for Becca! We love you!

Jenny Miller said...

Wish we were closer to help you eat your cake!!

allegra said...

HAPPY BDAY levi!! (belated)... I always knew your birthday because it's so close to mine:)

Love you cous!

--Dan, Allegra and Max

p.s. that last picture made me laugh. you know you're old when you smoke up the place with ALL your candles, sheesh. i kid, i kid. you're still young if you're under 30. i kid again. i'm going to get myself into some trouble

J-ME said...

Hope you are feeling better Bec. and Levi a Happy B-day to you! It looks like you had a good one!
We'll definately have to hang out when you guys come out in Dec!

Ryan, Heather and Macie Marchbanks said...

Happy Birthday Bro! Wish we could have celebrated it with you! When you come down we'll have to take you guys out to dinner! :) Hope you are feeling better becca! See you before ya know it!