Halloween Party!

So last year I planed a Halloween Party for a bunch of our friends and it was a success. Everyone wanted to have another party this year...so we planed it again. I had a ton of help from everyone this year especially Paige (thanks so much)! We were lucky to get to have the party at the institute building this year. They had a ping pong table, pool table and a foose ball table, needless to say all the hubby's were happy! Paige planed a darling Ghost Hunt for all the little kids. She had a bubble blower, balloons, cute Halloween music playing and tons of candy for all the kiddos. It was so much fun!! We also had a Costume Contest for all the Adults... the winners were
Paige and Bryce ( basketball and Dr. J, there baby was the ref)
Taylor North (tooth fairy)
check out the pics and be sure not to THROW UP when you see our picture!!

How did we get such cute girls???

White trash!!

The Gals

The Guys

All the cute families
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Terry said...

So funny! You are making such fun memories with your friends up there! What a great time of life! I know we spent enough on your teeth that they shouldn't look that bad..but actually you fit right in with the group here! We love you and sure miss you!

The Wrights said...

What a fun party! You guys look awesome. I love all the costumes.. There were some really cute ideas! Can't believe you guys are coming so soon.. Love you guys!

Ben and Rachel said...

Becca, you guys look awesome! Even when you try to look bad - you look good.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! LOL!! You two look hilarious.. especially Levi.. at first I didn't realize that was him! Ha Ha! Glad you guys had a fun halloween! Love ya!

J-ME said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. What a fun new Tradition. It looks like you guys have made a lot of fun friends.

amy said...

Pretty funny.....remember when all of dressed 80s to go to the stag dance? even though your outfit here is better, it kinda reminded me of it. :) See you in a couple weeks.

allegra said...

nice legs levi!:)