Midnight Madness!

We thought we should take advantage of going to Midnight Madness...because it is the only time the girls and I will be able to see the Zag's in person. This wasn't even a real game it was their first practice and it was packed!! There season is already sold out! The only people that can get tickets are the students and they have to stand in line for hours to get them. Levi went to a game last year and loved it! Well we had a great night and got to see what all the hype is about. It is crazy, the students get so into it...it is fun to watch and remember back to the college days (not sure if I was ever that crazy?) !

we ate Chines food for dinner...hence Audrey's greasy face!


Ben and Rachel said...

SO fun! I love sporting events like this. Neat that you got to take your girls. Was it really at midnight?

Terry said...

Looks like a really fun night! Can't wait until you are down here! Love you!

Jessica said...

It looks like fun! I'm glad ya'll are out there doing your own thing outside of the Utah bubble. I'm sure its been a learning experience!