What's New??

Well this last week has been really busy! We found a cute new condo about a month ago and moved on the 29th. It is a lot nicer than our old place and quite a bit bigger, not to mention cheaper! It also has a lot of the amenities that we have been missing, like a gas furnace, central air, a garbage disposal, tile in the kitchen and dining room, a really nice deep tub!, bigger bedrooms, a lot of natural light, a bigger kitchen with all stainless steel appliances, the fridge even has an ice maker and water on the door!! It is three stories, the bedrooms are upstairs (2), then the kitchen and family room are on the main floor with a small bathroom, the basement is not completely finished but it works great for an office, laundry room and storage. It also has a cute fenced patio. We were able to get everything moved on Saturday and are pretty much settled now. It feels good to know that we will be staying here for the next two years, except for summers of course, but we wont be moving all our stuff home for the summers.

Also our little Audrey turned ONE!! (really cute pics to come!)

Well there are quite a few pictures that need to be posted, ( Easter dresses, Audrey's birthday, new house pic's etc.) but you will have to wait. We are waiting on comcast to come and put a line in for the Internet so that we can use our desk top in the basement! They should be here SOON, so keep checking back because there are some great pics!!