We are a penny RICHER!!

To those that love Pizza Hut Pizza don't read!!
So the other day Levi was feeling like pizza, which is always great for me, because then I don't have to cook! So we ordered our pizza and Levi went to pick it up. When he brought it in it smelled so GOOD!! We dug in, there was some serious scarfing going on.... until Levi stopped dead in his tracks!! I looked at him and he had a blank stare! Then he showed me his pizza.... there was a freaking PENNY cooked into the crust!! Needless to say we lost our appetite and called immediately to complain. Well we didn't get much, but they did refunded our money and gave us a credit of $35.00. I guess it is better then nothing!! And we got a good laugh out of it!! So if your ordering pizza any time soon, beware of PENNIES!!

Sorry the picture is pretty gross.


Becky said...

Becca!!! I'm not really sure how... but I came across your blog :) It's been a long time since Shadow Ridge. How are you guys doing? You look great!

Katie said...

Oh NO!! Im glad Levi didn't chip his tooth! What a funny story though.. you will laugh probably every time you order pizza now!.. Or if! Maybe you guys wont be having that craving for a long time.. :) xoxox Love you guys

J-ME said...

That is so funny and gross! Your girls easter dresses are so cute! I'm glad that Audrey is feeling better!

Ryan, Heather & Macie Marchbanks said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! :) I cannot believe that! Well you know Levi is going to be a lawyer??? Can I say law suit? :) I'm glad Audrey is FINALLY feeling better! Can't wait to see you guys!