The Many FACES of Easter

Here are the girls on Easter Morning...aren't they cute in their jammie's with their bed head hair. I must say that kids totally make holidays more fun! I love the excitement and joy that comes out on their faces!!

The girls each got a basket full of candy and cute little baby's in a purse (I know that sounds wired so I might have to explain it better...its a purse that turns into a bassinet with a baby in it). Well they are a hit and have been a great toy for church!! Oh yeah Dad also splurged and gave them a set of golf clubs. I think he is nervous that we are only going to have girls, so this is his way of getting them into something he loves:) Such a cute dad!!

Audrey Lynn

Abigail Mckall

Here they are in their cute Easter Dresses... meaning two dresses each girl. I have the BEST mom and mother in law ever!!! They each sent these cute dresses for the girlies for Easter! The girls loved wearing them...we have been switching between the two on Sundays for the past few weeks. Thanks Grannie Terry and Grannie Frannie, we love you both so much!!

Aren't they lovely!!

For Easter Dinner we had some Law school friends invite us over for dinner and an egg hunt for the kids. It was so fun to visit and eat good food!! The kids again had a blast playing and hunting for eggs. We are so lucky to have such great friends here in Spokane!!


Terry said...

ADORABLE GIRLS! Love you all so much! Mom

The Butter Bunch said...


Your girls are so adorable! And the baby doll/bassinet is such a fun idea. Where did you find it? I hope all is well for you guys in Spokane.


P.S. I LOVE the birthday cake. It looks amazing!!

Horsley Family said...

Becca, the girls are sooo big...I can't stand it. I am so glad you are coming home for the summer. I miss you!!!
Love you,

Tyler and Travy said...

It's so fun to look at all your pictures. The two girls are so stinking cute! Miss you guys! Hope to see you guys soon!