Happy Birthday Audrey!!

Audrey turns "2"
I can't believe my baby is 2...time goes by way too fast!
Audrey absolutely loved her special day! She knew from the minute she woke up that it was her Birthday!! We sang to her over 20 times due to her request. She LOVED her cake...it was hard to keep her away from it until the party. She wanted to lick it so bad!! Thanks to our friends and family for making the day so special!!
Happy Birthday Podgie we love you so much!!!
For History
at 2 Audrey...
has all but 4 teeth (the fangs top and bottom)
talks like crazy
is saying 3 and 4 word sentences
is the sweetest little girl and gives the best snuggles
loves to sing
loves to play
loves to be outside
has the most tender heart ( you can't say no to her without her completely breaking down)
can almost ride her bike ( just needs to be a little taller)
has the cutest piggy tails ever!
is always happy
has the cutest little high pitched voice
has the cutest chubby belly ( I have to bite it everyday!)
eats like a champ
loves her bath time
is a great sleeper (hooray for me:))
has the best crooked smile!!
On a side note...we are vetoing the private blog. I guess you can only invite 100 readers and we want to invite more than that. So thanks to all those who left their emails and want to keep up with us...sorry about the craziness.


Leslie said...

So sweet! Her cake is a masterpiece!

Tiffany said...

Wow! Her cake turned our incredible. Don't tell me that is the first one you have ever done. I am thinking I should make Kaden a cake but have never used fondant, aaaaahhhh! She is adorable.

Angie said...

Cute pics and way cute cake. How have you been feeling? Can't wait to see you guys, less than a month now right?

The Wrights said...

Oh she is darling! I can't believe how fast two years has gone by. We are so excited to see you guys so soon! Hope your feeling well. I love the cake too! I take it you made it?? Amazing! Love you!
P.s. Im headed to Houston tomorrow! Just wondering if you had any fun places or resturants to visit?

allegra said...

becca the cake is too cute! love it! fondant really isn't hard, huh? it just LOOKS hard but it's not:) happy bday cute girl. we sure love you and your cute grin and piggies.

J-ME said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! Seriously Becca you made that cake? That is ADORABLE! Good Work!

Our EyreLife said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! And to you, too, Becca. Moms should always be celebrated on their babies birthdays---it was THEIR birth-day, too.

We've been thinking about you guys knowing that this time 2 years ago we were both big and round and anxious for a baby. Big hugs to you all. We hope to see you sometime this summer!

Ben and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Audrey! Did you make that cake Becca? It's amazing!

Michelle and Caleb said...

You and your many talents. That cake is way to cute! Love it!