Ice Skating

We headed out on the town the other night to take the girls Ice Skating. We went with our Friends Mandy and Colby. Abby and Tatum are the same age and love playing together. Sorry the pic are a little blurry...it was a phone camera.
Me, Abby, Levi, Audrey, Mandy and Tate

the fam

how cute is that!
I had no idea they would have skates that would fit her.
She loved every minute and kept saying more more!


Sylvia said...

Oh my gosh, those teeny tiny ice skates are sooooo CUTE!!!! Audrey looks so adorable!!

The Wrights said...

How fun! I love those tiny skates. I can't believe they would have some that would fit her.. too cute! We love you guys!

Jessica said...

The little skates are so stinkin cute! What a fun night as a family!