The Cabin

Just after New Years we headed up to a Cabin with the Marchbanks family.
We had a blast sledding, snowmobiling, eating, playing games and watching the UofU play football!! Go Utes!!
We got about a foot of snow while we were there. When we were getting ready to leave we got stuck in the drive way. We were lucky Levi had bought chains when he drove down from Spokane. We threw those on and got out slick as a whistle!
As we were heading down the canyon we got a call from mom and dad, they said that Jen and Nate need some help. Well come to find out Nate was trying to turn a light on in the car and hit the sun roof button instead. Remember I told you we got a foot of snow. Well the whole foot of snow fell into the car with 4 sleeping boys, Nate and Jen. Needless to say they were all freezing! So we spent about 45mins in 9degrees trying to fix it. We finally got it to close(when the snow fell it it melted in the tracks and then froze instantly, which caused it not to close)and then the battery died. So we jumped the car and made it home safe and sound! It was quite and adventure and some great memories!
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