What is on your head?

OK so I know that these pictures don't do it justice, but Levi came home from school one day, well actually two days with this big bruise thing on his forehead. When I saw him I said "WHAT IS ON YOUR HEAD?? " He just started laughing and said that is exactly what all the guys said!! Well I guess that when he is studying or taking a test and is totally focused he taps his pen on his forehead. It is one of the clicker pens, so he is clicking it back and forth the whole time he is studying or taking a test. At least that is what he thinks. He doesn't really remember doing it which is good I guess because he is really focused!! But anyway we got a pretty good laugh out of it and though we would share so you could have a good laugh too!!


Ryan, Heather & Macie Marchbanks said...

Levi...we knew that you were SMART, but we didn't know that you were THAT smart! :)

P.S. Ryan thinks that it is a HICKEY!!! You guys are too kinky for us! :)

Little Blurb About Us said...

Okay, that is hilarious! I think we need to get you a stress ball to mess with instead of your pen on your test :-)

Jaime and Ann said...

ha ha! We hope you do well on your tests, even if you have to do a bit of clicking your pen with your head! You remind us of baseball players that do things like jump over the foul line three times before starting any inning of a game to help them focus and bring good luck. Maybe the pen works for you like the foul line works for the ball players. grin.