THE WEEKLY SCOOP September 16th

My new goal is to do a little write up of our weekly adventures here in Spokane. We want to keep you all up to date on what we are doing and what is new. I can't promise that it will happen every week, because things get a little crazy around here with these cute girls, but I will definitely try.

Just to catch you up on all that has happened since we got here... We moved just over a month ago. We have a cute two bedroom apt. that is very cozy, and also very homey! WE LOVE our new ward. There are quite a few Law students that live in our apt. complex and that live in our ward. It is fun to meet all the new people, its like they are our own little family away from home. We just had regional Stake Conference today. It was great, Pres. Hinckley spoke as well as Elder Hales, it is so good to hear from the General Authorities. It always reminds me to really remember to do the little things.

I Love the weekends here, because I get to spend all the time with Levi and the girls. We had such a great time this weekend. It was the Spokane County Fair. We went with some friends (Tyson and Heather) and had a really fun time. There really wasn't much to do but look at a whole barn full of Lambs, a whole 2 barns full of goats, and another barn full of cows!! Abby really liked seeing the animals, but she had to keep her nose plugged the whole time, because of the smell!! We did get a tasty snow cone and Audrey loved that!! Abby went on a few rides and that was about it, but the company was great and made the trip fun!!!

As most of you know Abby and I are taking a mom and me dance class, it has turned out to be so much fun!!! I am also teaching some classes and doing some choreography at the same studio. It has been a great break for me... not to mention its helping to get me back into shape.

Levi is really enjoying school. His classes are going well and he is learning a lot!! He has made a lot of new friends and studies with them at the library. It is really nice to have him home so much. I thought that he would be gone studying a lot more, but I guess I was used to him being gone for 3 to 4 days a week with work. Now he is home every night at 5 or 6 and has every weekend off. It is nice because he gets all his studying done at school, so when he is home we just get to enjoy the time together!!!

Well we sure miss you all, and hope all is going well for each of you!!