Christmas Nativity

Every year our Church puts together Nativities from around the World. They display over a thousand different Nativities from all over the world, and have musical programs each night from different groups in the community. It is such a great experience and has proven to be an amazing missionary opportunity. They have a children's room with nativities the kids can play with, dress ups and coloring. The girls loved it!! We loved it!! A perfect activity to get us into the Christmas Spirit!

Here are the girls dressed up.
Yes Audrey is a cow, she is holding a doll.
Abby is Mary, she is holding our little Brig.


Leslie said...

so sweet...the "Life of Christ" room was AMAZING!!!

Jessica said...

Your girls are soooo cute! And your little boy, he is adorable!!! Thanks for the cute Christmas card. Little Brig looks like he fits right into your family.

allegra said...

so cute! I feel like Audrey grew up too fast. Probably because I haven't seen her and got to hang out with her as much as I did with Abby when Abby was growing up. Such cute kiddos and a cute little nativity picture if I don't say so myself!