Baby Shower

My cute friends Paige and Heather threw me a baby shower! Who gets a baby shower on baby number 3?... what a lucky girl I am! I was in much need of some boy stuff. Everything we own is pink and definitely gender specific! I am so grateful to all my wonderful friends for coming and for their generosity. You girls are the BEST!!
Paige made these yummy cake pops...they were so cute!!

Cute decorations...that I got to take home:)

The Girls
Misty, me, Mauressa, Erin, Paige and Heather

Heather made yummy chocolate delight (my favorite)


The Wrights said...

Oh cute! I am so glad that you have awesome friends up there. You look beautiful! Sure love and miss you guys!

Leslie said...

You're lucky to having good friends and it looks like you had good time.

The Carter Family said...

That is all so cute. My family is giving me a shower too. I feel really wierd getting one on baby #4 but they said that I have to have one since I am having a girl:) by the way, you are so small. You look great!