The past few weeks

So a lot has happened the past couple of weeks... We had some long days without Levi home (because of finals, but I am sure his days seemed much longer!) The girls and I survived... barely! We have some great friends who's husbands are also in Law School, so we really stuck together and had a bunch of activities that helped us to stay sane. I am so grateful for how hard Levi has worked and sacrificed for our family!! We are so proud of him for finishing his first year of Law School!!
All the guys! So happy that finals are over!!

Recipe swap with all the girls!

The girls and I heart attacked Levi's car and got him a bunch of goodies so that he could survive finals!

Fun at Chuckie Cheese!

Then as soon as finals finished we headed to Utah the next day! My parents flew up to help us get everything ready to move for the summer and help us drive home! We had a great visit with them and enjoyed showing them our new house, and eating at some yummy restaurants! We had a BBQ to celebrate finishing the first year! It was fun to get to see everyone one last time before heading out to Utah!! We were sad to leave all our friends for the summer, but happy to come to Utah to see our families!

We have been here in Utah now for 1 week and have been loving every minute of it. We arrived Saturday night late after a really LONG drive home! Audrey seemed to hate being in the car for the first 5 hours. Then we decided that she might be hot and so we took off her jacket and for the rest of the ride she was good! Abby on the other hand was a complete angel from start to finish! She sat and and watched her videos and played with her princess sticker book that Grannie Terry brought her. She was wonderful, which definitely made the trip easier!! My parents were so great they drove Levi's car back so that we could drive together. I know that there is no way we would have made it down here with out them!! Thanks so much mom and dad!!!


Ben and Rachel said...

Congratulations guys on everything! Levi you're awesome for finishing your first year, and becca you are a great mom! We hope to see you when we visit in June!